"Pay for 2, stay for 3" special- This property offers the "pay for 2, stay for 3" special on weekends, "3 for 4" on long weekends, or "5 for 4" over Easter. The special can be applied to any day of arrival - if the applicable weekend rate is paid. The special does not apply in December and January.

Great views, family friendly home, so close to Seven Mile Beach
SURFRIDER, Gerroa - Pay for 2, stay for 3 + 2pm check out Sundays!

Surfrider has fantastic views and a great location! It is suitable for four adults and six children only so bookings of more than four adults cannot be accepted. The house has two double bedrooms upstairs and a bunk room for six downstairs.

From $450.00* daily
Holiday Cottage in Gerroa 6 reviews ½
* Please note that a service fee of $50.00 applies to every booking. Conditions and charges may apply.