Grapest 5K Run - sip happens! Wollongong


You've never run a race quiet like this one! The latest 'Grapest' Fun Run to hit Australia is the Grapest 5K Run... sip happens! They’re going to take you on an outdoor evening adventure… a fun run with a cork-stopping twist. Imagine running through the vineyards and trails of some of the most exquisite wine regions in Australia at dusk - a five kilometre or 10 kilometre sunset run - followed by a one kilometre wine tasting waddle! One kilometre - four wine tasting stations eight beautiful wines. It is just long enough to get the heart rate up if that’s your thing, short enough to suit the more laid-back adventurer, and just right for everyone! Whether you’re a running enthusiast, a lover of fine wines, or just love a great time out, the Grapest 5K Run is a race like no other. Whatever you prefer, you will never have another experience like the Grapest 5K Run! Stay as the sun sets… play, take a tour, kick back, and have a blast at the after-party!

When: 07/04/2018 - 07/04/2018

Location: 11 Willowvale Road, Gerringong, Kiama Area, New South Wales, Australia


Phone: (02) 6761 2230